My new website

I have been planning to do a new website for ages and I really struggled in the beginning to know what was best to do. I am not a web designer and don't have spare cash to throw at it!. I originally started with a fairly basic website builder Mr Site, which a good friend suggested. It was great for my first ever website, but as I grew as an illustrator and a business I found the Mr Site website far too restrictive. I wanted to be able to update my website regularly to keep it fresh and with the website I had I found that tricky. So I looked into having a bespoke website made with all the bells and whistles (there is so much you can do these days) which was way out of my budget, I then looked at buying a template and having a web designer put the site together for me again it was pretty expensive. So my only option was to use a website builder and do it myself, I wanted something professional and with the scope to grow (say I wanted an online shop or something  to add to my site - watch this space!).

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 15.52.58.png

A few website builder sites were suggested to me and template only sites (which you would need a web designer to do all the background stuff).  After looking  I eventually settled on Squarespace. I found they were the best mix of professionalism, flexibility, had loads of features and were not too expensive. After finding a template that would work for me (one I could follow but also manipulate to do what I wanted) I signed up for a year. It took a little while to work my way around the site but I found loads of useful helps and tips and I could contact someone at Squarespace any time and get a helpful response. 

I am really pleased with the outcome, I would like to think I have created a quirky fun site that feels like me but is also professional and works seamlessly.  I would definitely recommend  Squarespace if you are thinking of creating a new site - even if you have no prior knowledge of designing a website - as you can simply follow a template design step by step and if you want to get more creative  you can. Anyhoo I am very happy with the outcome and the blog on the template is great too really simple and easy to use and sits nicely within my site. I hope this has been useful - I would love to hear your comments!

I also used Squarespace to create this website for some clients.

and here are a few of my favourite sites to give you some inspiration:


Naomi x