Bristol Illustrations for Sale....

I have some limited addition giclee prints that I am selling:

Bristol Buildings - (Image size 51cm x 41cm) - Framed £120 - Unframed £80
Bristol Map - (Image size 51cm x41cm) - Framed £120 - Unframed £80

(If you want smaller sizes let me know and I can price those for you)
NB. Postage and packaging will be extra or you can collect if you prefer. 

If you are interested contact me on my email - Thanks  Naomi x


Wedding Shower card from America

I got a little parcel in the post today from my lovely agent Natasha at Advocate Art.  A design I created a long time ago had been turned into a wedding shower greeting card for an American company called design design, so i just thought I would share it with you. It's great seeing my name on it and knowing it is for sale in America. The other good thing is that they have printed it all on Eco paper. Yay!  Naomi x


Tools of my trade/03

For the third 'Tools of my trade' I have created a little pattern illustration for an amazing Jeweller and friend Jane Kenney - check out her stunning jewellery here Jane creates the most beautiful pieces of jewellery all hand made (using a lot of the tools in my illustration) in Bristol, she is incredibly talented and I am lucky enough to have both engagement and wedding ring made by Jane which I truly treasure!  Thanks Jane.  Naomi x

naomi designs 2014

naomi designs 2014

House for Homeserve

One of my latest illustrations was for Homeserve, they commissioned me to create an illustration depicting a typical domestic house. It is going to be used in information leaflets they give to customers informing them of the different kinds of cover they provide. They needed something that would show a typical house, all the rooms in the house and all household appliances. Previously a very functional technical drawing had been used to illustrate this - so it was decided that they needed a fresh illustration combining personality/warmth and humour to keep their customers interest.

It was also stipulated that Homeserve would need to use different elements of the illustration depending on what they were showcasing. This meant they needed the ability to turn off elements of the illustration or show different areas in greater detail. The best way for me to achieve this was to create the illustration in Photoshop (using my pen and and tablet) with lots of separate layers. I created each room individually and each piece of furniture and appliance was created on different layers (enabling Homeserve to switch on and off as and when). I then built up the house with all the different layers: loft, bedroom, kitchen, lounge, garden and even the pipes throughout the house, inside and out.

I am very pleased with the overall effect, hopefully it is a little more interesting than the standard technical drawings that are usually used to illustrate such matters! You can also check out a few other illustrations I have created for Homeserve on my portfolio page

I have created a little animation showcasing the different areas and how they can be turned on and off again (I have learnt a few lessons along the way too - about creating an animation and how to get it on to my blog - which has been the hardest part and taken me all day!) Hope you enjoy Naomi x

Showing the house with and without the rooms  Naomi Designs 2014

Showing the house with and without the rooms 
Naomi Designs 2014

Showing the individual rooms  Naomi Designs 2014

Showing the individual rooms 
Naomi Designs 2014

Tools of my trade/02

Today I have created for 'Tools of my trade' a little floristry pattern. My amazing friend Emma Hooper creates beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets for weddings.  I asked her to be my second 'Tools of my trade' she gave me a little list of all the essentials she needs to create her stunning bouquets and I turned it into a patterned illustration. Go check out Emma's lovely Ladybelle Flowers page and give her a little like if you do - how could you not!  Now who can I do my next one on? any ideas? Naomi 

naomi designs 2014

naomi designs 2014

Illustrated maps

I was recently commissioned to do some maps of Madrid and Vancouver for a travel magazine. I really enjoyed creating them and decided I would like to do more so I created a Bristol map for a recent exhibition. I am thinking of doing a series of maps and would love your suggestions for cities or towns to illustrate.  Check them out in detail on my portfolio page. I also have a pinterest board where I have posted some of the illustrated maps I love if you fancy a look. Naomi 

naomi designs 2014

naomi designs 2014

Eat Cake

New Typography piece - for some reason it's about cake!

naomi designs 2014

naomi designs 2014

Three ways to wear/01

This is a little illustration I created for my lovely friend Niki Whittle for her Style Studs and Lace Blog - Niki is an amazing personal stylist who also runs a really fun, informative and friendly blog full of style advice, and lots of great ideas for looking good whatever you are doing! Check it out here.

I was really excited when she asked me to collaborate with her on one of her regular posts on her blog Three ways to wear - where she styles 3 different outfits using one key item, this time it is how to wear a midi skirt. I really enjoyed creating the illustration with the fantastic items Niki had picked out and I really look forward to our next Three Ways to Wear. Thanks Niki 

Naomi Designs 2014

Naomi Designs 2014

My new website

I have been planning to do a new website for ages and I really struggled in the beginning to know what was best to do. I am not a web designer and don't have spare cash to throw at it!. I originally started with a fairly basic website builder Mr Site, which a good friend suggested. It was great for my first ever website, but as I grew as an illustrator and a business I found the Mr Site website far too restrictive. I wanted to be able to update my website regularly to keep it fresh and with the website I had I found that tricky. So I looked into having a bespoke website made with all the bells and whistles (there is so much you can do these days) which was way out of my budget, I then looked at buying a template and having a web designer put the site together for me again it was pretty expensive. So my only option was to use a website builder and do it myself, I wanted something professional and with the scope to grow (say I wanted an online shop or something  to add to my site - watch this space!).

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 15.52.58.png

A few website builder sites were suggested to me and template only sites (which you would need a web designer to do all the background stuff).  After looking  I eventually settled on Squarespace. I found they were the best mix of professionalism, flexibility, had loads of features and were not too expensive. After finding a template that would work for me (one I could follow but also manipulate to do what I wanted) I signed up for a year. It took a little while to work my way around the site but I found loads of useful helps and tips and I could contact someone at Squarespace any time and get a helpful response. 

I am really pleased with the outcome, I would like to think I have created a quirky fun site that feels like me but is also professional and works seamlessly.  I would definitely recommend  Squarespace if you are thinking of creating a new site - even if you have no prior knowledge of designing a website - as you can simply follow a template design step by step and if you want to get more creative  you can. Anyhoo I am very happy with the outcome and the blog on the template is great too really simple and easy to use and sits nicely within my site. I hope this has been useful - I would love to hear your comments!

I also used Squarespace to create this website for some clients.

and here are a few of my favourite sites to give you some inspiration:


Naomi x


Let me illustrate 2

I am exhibiting some work in this show - be great to see you there, it is on for a month - check out the details here

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 18.38.59.png

Tools of my trade/01

'Tools of my trade' - this could become a regular post, I think it would be great to do an illustrated pattern of tools of different trades - What do you think? 

Naomi Designs - Tools of my trade

Naomi Designs - Tools of my trade

Upper Grove Farm

This was a fun project - a new website for a lovely Guest House based in Bristol - I used the colours from the guesthouse windows and flowers surrounding the building to help create the logo, I also created a few little illustrations of the Farmhouse to give a warm and welcoming feel to the site. BTW if you ever need anywhere homely and comfortable to stay in Bristol with stunning views you really should visit here and also check out the website.

Keep your house happy

I recently created some illustrations for an article about house maintenance for HomeServe (rock and roll!). It was actually a really fun commission to do and I learnt something along the way which is always a bonus. So if you want to keep your house in good condition follow this guide. 

(Below shows the illustrations in context and then a close up of the illustrations)
Illustrations Naomi Designs
Graphic Design Steven Roberts

Illustrations Naomi Designs
Graphic Design Steven Roberts

Naomi Designs
Naomi Designs

No not Christmas! Not Yet!

I was sat in the heatwave in July creating these Christmassy illustrations for Papercraft Inspirations, which felt a little odd! Anyway Papercraft Inspirations is available in shops now and has lots of lovely Christmas projects to get you in the mood (or if your like me you won't want to think about christmas until at least December!) You can download your free printables here. I also created a few patterned christmas papers - I think the one below would make good wrapping paper!

Christmas Train - Naomi Designs

Christmas pattern - Naomi Designs

Autumn Wedding Invite

Just received our wedding invite through the post that I designed for Gary and Nat - so excited about there upcoming wedding it's gonna be one great big amazing party woo hoo!

Wedding invite Naomi Designs

Pretty cottage

I created these 2 illustrations for my friends birthday depicting her, her husband and doggies outside there lovely little cottage 'Wooders' - I couldn't decide which to give her so I gave her both!

'Wooders' by Naomi Designs

Just the weather for Ice Creams

Check out my new ice cream designs for Papercraft Inspirations. Everything you need to create some fun greetings cards which you can download for free here. Enjoy in the sunshine x